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            Alloy trophy

            The musical instrument art trophy, musical instrument competition trophy, and character alloy trophy are made of alloy + crystal. Wenbo, a professional manufacturer of trophy customization around you! Production cycle: Regular spot products will be shipped on the same day when the order is placed, and special customized products will have different delivery times depending on the quantity and processing technology required. The specific communication with customer service shall prevail. About proofing: design drafts or samples are required, and free designs are also available according to customer requirements. A certain amount of proofing earnest money will be charged, and the proofing fee will be returned when the order reaches a certain amount.


            Custom appreciate

            Pegasus alloy trophy, symbolic trophy, and commemorative trophy are made of alloy + crystal. Wenbo, a professional manufacturer of trophy customization around you! Production cycle: Regular spot products will be shipped on the same day when the order is placed, and special customized products will have different delivery times depending on the quantity and processing technology required. The specific communication with customer service shall prevail. About proofing: design drafts or samples are required, and free designs are also available according to customer requirements. A certain amount of proofing earnest money will be charged, and the proofing fee will be returned when the order reaches a certain amount.


            High-grade trophy

            Traditional crafts trophies, golden dragon crafts trophies, and wooden trophies are made of wood + crystal. Wenbo, a professional manufacturer of trophy customization around you! Production cycle: Regular spot products will be shipped on the same day when the order is placed. Special customized products will have different delivery times according to the quantity demanded and different processing techniques. The specific communication with customer service shall prevail. About proofing: design drafts or samples are required, or according to Customer request, free design. A certain amount of proofing earnest money will be charged, and the proofing fee will be returned when the order reaches a certain amount.


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            News Center / PRODUCT CLASSIFICATION

            • The company has perfect design, engraving, mold, production and assembly of complete system management system, the existing zinc alloy die-casting machine, tin alloy die, milling machine, lathe, punching machine, grinding machine, wire cutting and other production equipment, to complete a variety of materials...
            • Shenzhen Winbo technology products company, is approved by relevant state departments to a set of development, production and sales of professional gifts manufacturer, is one of the famous trophy manufacturing enterprises, the company focused on product development, production and sales. Professional R & ...
            • With the increasing popularity of crystal gifts, crystal trophy also gradually in many materials in the artificial crystal trophy talent shows itself with the crystal trophy, crystal clear advantage, other also can achieve the basic shape of the metal cup (crystal trophy is geometry spliced, not like the meta...
            • Crystal trophy is awarded to the outstanding outstanding as encouragement prize, the quality requirements must be good quality goods, rather than defective; in the process requirements are very strict in the crystal crafts. It and other metal trophies are not the same, should look at whether firm, Zhou Zheng ...

            In terms of development, we focus on the rich cultural connotation contained and embodied in the products; In terms of technology, we use exquisite technology and experience to keep improving and quality first; In terms of market promotion, adhere to the tenet of integrity first and service first.

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